Friday, September 12, 2008

Technology and Manufacturing must drive us.....and not outsourcing

I saw today's news at CNN-IBN ,The inflation numbers started to dip from last month atlast the efforts of FM and PM began to pay,But the major reason is reduction of Crude oil prices which reduced to 101.26 dollars which was $147.44 when we had a petrol hike,But Still the oil companies are facinglosses of 400cr daily.So we cant expect a reduction unless it falls to $90.There is a big turmoil now in IT industry for no reason other than recession in US.Huge IT stalwarts like Wipro told their recruits to wait till Jan(gud col's),March(tier II coll's).
The CM of Tamilnadu announced that Tamilnadu will be made as IT destination of India.
But what is the Use in IT????...Already IT is crumbling day by day,The government and companies in India must invest in technology like innovating newer technologies, To be true USA dominates the world economy just because they concentrated on innovation.If you notice well you can find right from Telephone to Super Computer,or Aeroplanes to satellites of NASA everything is invented in USA.Invention is their key to success they deserve to rule the world and rest world deserve to serve them.Literally we are serving them through IT and ITES sector and no other country has such a dominant position as USA.
Some crooks in India support for China especially the leftist and they say that China will be the super power,But how can they become its mission impossibe,India should never follow China in anyway.Economy in China is improving because of manufacturing goods at cheaper price,and also cheap quality.Japan economy was the second next to US for decades but the products from China sells more than Japanese because of Cheap price,In recession period no one is ready to buy costlier products.China may acquire the place of Japan but not that of the Mighty US.
But lets see our country first,The key solution to the growth in India is innovation, and we should infrastructure which will help us to innovate.Infrastructure doesn't mean only road but also Quality education,IIT's and IIM's alumini can be found only in US,The government should a make them to stay in our country ,almost 40% of scientists in NASA are Indians,We dont have lack of Quality manpower,but we dont fullfill their needs.We should start focussing on innovation and manufacturing but not on outsourcing.Unless if done so our growthrate wont increase in double digit.


Laxman.M said...

u r bang right wit d last para!!