Monday, October 6, 2008

The Majesty of Chettinad palaces

Yesterday I met my dad's close friend who is running a furniture stores at Pudhucherry,My memories went to my nineth standard where he took me to his native place Chettinad near Pudhukottai for his family function,To be true i havent seen such a big house in my life , he said that homes in Chettinad are now used for TV serials . I think everyone would have noticed the palace of Raja Annamalai Chettiar in various movies.It is irony that many people left those majestic bunglows and they are living in 2 bedroom and single bedroom flats in US,Chennai,London and a lot in Singapore
The picture of Raja Chettiar's home

But maintaining such a large home itself is a big task due to scarce of labour and labour costs,many left Chetinad because of that.There were many such palace homes in Bangalore but it were made hotels and picnic spot.Since Chettinad is a village and the climate in chettinad is horrible it is difficult to make it as a tourist spot like Mysore.But these architectural wonders can be preserved by developing the Village as a industrial hub so that the people dont migrate to the cities.Our Finance minister is also from Chetinad area,he is planning to bring a SEZ in Sivagangai.Lets hope These palace homes are preserved.

See the above picture,This home was constructed in 1902,but the woods used in that home is very good even now.And the building having very very minute cracks which is very less than cracks found in newly built flats and buildings in Chennai.Pls do remember these homes are constructed without a engineer.
It is very difficult to get a home like this,My uncle told me that Actor Vikram has purchased a home in Chettinad. Imagine number of windows to a home ...10 ,50 or 300...In Chettinad many houses have 1000 Windows..Then imagine the number of rooms in that home.


Laxman.M said...

nalla katarangaya veeta

Ravi said...

Nice insight to Chettinad architecture. Nobody cares to analyze or appreciate these structures anymore. There are so many cultural symbols in India, but the emphasis is on the recent man-made concrete jungles.

Good Blog!

PS: I'm from Cuddalore too...did you go to ARLM

vikar said...

Amar you can be an architectural expert rather than joining tcs :)