Monday, June 21, 2010

Is it Really Pulpy ???

Last evening , I was ambling across the street to have a soft-drink, I bought Pulpy Orange which is advertised as Asal orange and Real orange .To prove that they made some orange like substance in  ..(I have no grudge on any Company), I saw the ingredients in it...To my surprise it said that "15 % orange Juice", Added colours and Flavors. Is this a meaning for "Asal Orange"???.....Unless we consumers are not aware of these hypos and believe the advertisements blindly we will end up in paying something which is not really worth for it !!!!!!!

   Like the censor board do we really have anything for Ads....if there are what are they really doin?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bailas of Jaffna..... Will ït be same...?

After working in a peculiar time( 4PM- 12 ..Yes I worked even at these timings... :( :(  in office,As usual I missed the sleepiness which we get at Midnight,I did not want to disturb my roomies  who were sleeping... I opened my Laptop to surf....I started hearing a Baila Song ( "Chinna Mami yey un Chittu Magal enga( Oh..Aunt ...Where is your sweet daughter!!) " of Ceylon Manohar, The song carries same tune and same tempo till the end..Still it makes you dance for it and that is the special of Baila. I happened to see one more Baila song (below video)which was truly emotional.........."Yazhpanam Polama....

..Every middle class family in Eelam has someone Working abroad .They dont goto UK Canada or Sweden for getting more dowry saying that I work in foreign .It may happen in some of the neighboring states in the country I live(read Andhra) :) :) ,

All We can do is to  Pray....We  should be ashamed that we could  not bring a peaceful  solution Tamizh Eelam