Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Is India a Consumer Market or Manufacturer Market

Since I was bored these days,I was reading Philp Kotler’s Marketing book for some time……I would say myself that” I am more patriotic”. A big question came into my mind “Is India,a Consumer Market or Manufacturer Market???”
My view to that is……
I would like to quote an incident happened to my friend, other day a salesman from Vodafone came to my friend’s home and he briefed his parents about a new connection being provided along with our existing postpaid one (sadly..he hid many facts about tarrif,etc, from us and manipulated everything according to him).....When my friend came to know this..He registered a complaint at Vodafone CC and they readily agreed to return d money to my friend...w/o ne I assumed its customer satisfaction driven market that India is growing least in organized sector for sure.I told this to my friend Vinoth ,but he told a sad story of their their Santro was brand new and its third free service was due. He handed over his car to Hyundai's best dealer in Pondy named Arvind Hyundai(run by a seth).
Work shop manager made a service card and told him to get back his car in the evening. when his dad went back to take his car's delivery his dad saw that seat was totally burnt from inside.
Arvind hyundai told him that car was on owner risk and they cant do anything. He complained to Hyundai more than 1000 time but no reply. Arvind Hyundai charged me for repairing of my car which was burnt by their negligence in their own custody.They showed a fifty page document that has explanations for many * and *** symbols in their agreement.They approached a lawyer to send a legal notice,Atlast the Seth agreed to his dad to repair at 70% discount.He agreed that.
I was confused…………………………………………………………
I read about the PEST analysis, which says political, Economic, Social and Technolgical factors play a major role in marketing.
Taking into consideration the Social factors (in case of returning the used goods), I think the consumers themselves will not approve this point at this juncture of time.
Also, Think global, Act Local further fortifies that the global companies sell 'standard-product' (core pdt) and non-standard product(augmented) . So, here in India we find that the mentality of Indian consumers does not allow even the global players to take this approach.
Also, many ethnocentric company eg. us based companies are turning towards regioncentric or geocentric approach to cater to the market needs.
The fundamental aspect of marketing is identifying needs so I think that haphazard use of US market experience in Indian market will harm the global companies.
Now, my point is that India has been a consumer market from the very beginning, remember that I purchased some stuff from nearby shop and it was unusable, when I went to shop to return that , it was returned and exchanged.
If these points do not satisfy then I would like to ask you one question that if you used a D& G product, purchased in US, for 15 days and you find design is not suiting you. Can you return that?The answer to this question is a big NO.It depends on the companies policy of STP.

Today, wherever global companies are present is a consumer market. As, there is a power of choice to customers and they can't be cheated twice,( you can't cook your food twice in a wooden bowl')
The cost of acquiring a new customer is six times more that sustainig the existing one.

But We Should not forget to Thank Dr.MMS who made customers to expect sevice and good quality

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Course on Terrorism......Google Ad's...

With all Fame to Nisha-The Cyclone,My TV got repaired on the day of Mumbai Blasts .I was following the improvements in Nariman Point and TAJ by news Channel websites such as Ibnlive,Times of India.I saw a strange ad on IBN live,Really I got Stunned on seeing that Ad...

Just see these AD's.....If u cant see clearly just Double Click the image....

I saw a google Ad showing to purse a course on Terrorism..I got wild..I just entered that website
actually it was a anti terror course in Pen state Univ in US.It would have been better if google would have Put the Ad as Course on Anti Terror.The google follows a technique called Dynamic insertion method,They might have a template for courses and college Admissions...They just inserted main keywords on the template and it led a way to my confusion.