Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Coiambatore...Wow..Great place

I was there at Coiambatore for a day,I didn't expect the coiambatore to be this beautifull,Wow wow wow...Roads with moderate traffic ,Good water,Less pollution, the one thing i notice is the develeopment of coiambatore is because of sustainable core industries like PSG motors,Robert Bosch etc,Which is more needed to our country,As there is usman road in chennai,Opanakara veethi in coiambatore is a great shopping place with very good shopping malls and stores like chennai silks etc,The city of coiambatore has very good educational institutions like PSG,CIT,GCT,Kumaraguru,Ramakrishna,Krishna etc...My uncle is a CIT alumini.The coiambatore people were very nice with a good helping tendency.Cost os living was cheap in tat city...But transpot sector was bad in coiambatore...three busstands for single city...vey hard to find the right one....As a whole we can stay in coiambatore after our retirement this beautifull is meant for that...Who know's, once the retirement paradise of south Bangalore became Costliest city in south because of IT industry even Coiambatore is becaming IT destination ,Lets hope coiambatore remains the same as it is...

Brand establishment....XeroX or Photostat......Cable Tv or Sun TV

Few days ago I went to Ernakulam.....It was a long journey..after spending a day in Ernakulam..I just went out from room I stayed ...I thought of Taking photocopies of my marksheet to apply for Jaypee group,Since I was from Tamilnadu, I dont know anything there I asked a person "do u know any xerox shop here?"...He asked me" what is Xerox?" ,I was surprised because he looked very professional like a doctor or an engineer.I explained that if we send this paper in a machine it will produce another copy of same paper with same contents.He laughed at me and said it is called PHOTOSTAT..To my surprise all the Xerox shops in kerala i saw only the name PhotoStat and not Xerox,Actually Xerox is a company name,Though i know that i usually use the name xerox for photocopy...but keralites never use the word xerox(as i seen in ernakulam shops)...But in chennai no one uses the word Photostat or Photocopy,Even in some government forms they use the word Xerox in Tamilnadu....
Then I went to a Coiambatore to my aunt's home,My aunt's father in law is old man, he is a great scholar,He holds a Msc degree in agriculture and he holds Phd by doing some research in soya beans, he is a knowledgeable person,When we were chatting at his home..he just asked "Do u have sun TV connection at home?" I was surprised to see him using the word Sun Tv connection instead of Cable connection.
These two incidents made me conclude that brand establishment is very difficult in Tamilnadu and Once it is established it cant removed even from well educated people in Tamilnadu....What do u feel...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Technology and Manufacturing must drive us.....and not outsourcing

I saw today's news at CNN-IBN ,The inflation numbers started to dip from last month atlast the efforts of FM and PM began to pay,But the major reason is reduction of Crude oil prices which reduced to 101.26 dollars which was $147.44 when we had a petrol hike,But Still the oil companies are facinglosses of 400cr daily.So we cant expect a reduction unless it falls to $90.There is a big turmoil now in IT industry for no reason other than recession in US.Huge IT stalwarts like Wipro told their recruits to wait till Jan(gud col's),March(tier II coll's).
The CM of Tamilnadu announced that Tamilnadu will be made as IT destination of India.
But what is the Use in IT????...Already IT is crumbling day by day,The government and companies in India must invest in technology like innovating newer technologies, To be true USA dominates the world economy just because they concentrated on innovation.If you notice well you can find right from Telephone to Super Computer,or Aeroplanes to satellites of NASA everything is invented in USA.Invention is their key to success they deserve to rule the world and rest world deserve to serve them.Literally we are serving them through IT and ITES sector and no other country has such a dominant position as USA.
Some crooks in India support for China especially the leftist and they say that China will be the super power,But how can they become its mission impossibe,India should never follow China in anyway.Economy in China is improving because of manufacturing goods at cheaper price,and also cheap quality.Japan economy was the second next to US for decades but the products from China sells more than Japanese because of Cheap price,In recession period no one is ready to buy costlier products.China may acquire the place of Japan but not that of the Mighty US.
But lets see our country first,The key solution to the growth in India is innovation, and we should infrastructure which will help us to innovate.Infrastructure doesn't mean only road but also Quality education,IIT's and IIM's alumini can be found only in US,The government should a make them to stay in our country ,almost 40% of scientists in NASA are Indians,We dont have lack of Quality manpower,but we dont fullfill their needs.We should start focussing on innovation and manufacturing but not on outsourcing.Unless if done so our growthrate wont increase in double digit.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chemical's ruin the beauty of Cuddalore

Yesterday I went to the city(according to me) of Cuddalore,where I lived,Studied,and born.I remembered the poet Kannadasan's saying ''Matram yenbathu Manida Thathuvum" which mean Change is the only thing that never changes,The Places which were considered as outskirts like Kumarapuram,where my school management runs a engineering has become the busiest placeand Thanks to cuddalore power company which intends to start 1320 MW imported coal power plant,but lots of critics trying to hinder the project ,ofcourse their concern must be issued,But that project is most needed at this bad powercut in state.There are other concerns which need to addressed ,Already Cuddalore Sipcot region has become one of the polluted region in world,My friend's dad is organising protest against these Chemical companies,he collected some samples of air and sent that to a testing centre at US,A shocking report came that it has carbon content about 45% which is quiet high.When there was a meeting and a rally of DMK in cuddalore Mrs.Kanimozhi visited the region and assured that she will take necessary steps.Lets hope for that as The influentional person in TN, She may take necessary steps.But nothing is certain. The water became contaminated in Thyagavalli region and also in pochimedu and the remaining places surrounding the places.Though we are developing industries we need a new technology and new ideas which will save our economy.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Google Chrome....Here I come

Google launched its so called Next generation browser,CHROME.No sooner it released i just downloaded the CHROME beta from google.com,Though its a freeware,it cant be shared like Mozilla you need to be download it like Yahoo messenger(No set up file available).I just downloaded the Google chrome....I could download very soon and I checked memory space took by Chrome.Oh My God itz 47.6 MB ,To my knowledge Chrome needs more memory than all other browsers,Even the latest version of Mozilla Firefox took only 24.30MB which I feel the best among all till date.
The disadvantage of Mozilla is ,The browser window will open only after 1 or 1.5 seconds when you double click and open the Mozilla....technically its called latency time..Its very less in GoogleChrome.
The biggget merit i found in Google Chrome is no need to traverse file-->add new tab to open a
 new tab...instead we can just click + symbol ( shown in figure)we can open the new tab

The frequently visited sites can be seen  in thumbnail view and those sites are loaded very fast than other sites.

The are two types of Browsers in Google Chrome ..
1.Normal window
2.Incognito window which never stores caches or passowords,never tracks ur history....u can use this for internet banking etc...

The speed is greater than or equal to mozilla

The worst parts in  google chrome is you have specify the domain name...like .com or .net...for eg. if u just type anna university in mozilla address bar the anna university  official website will be loaded....Itz the unique feature of Mozilla...but Itz not there in Chrome or any other browser...
The downloads are slow than mozilla.....
Yeah itz true the browser too is like orkut ....shows the same error message often.....But Chrome is not bad...i am using chrome instead of Internet Explorer

As a whole....Chrome is better than  Internet Explorer or Safari................but Not equivalent to my most favourite Mozilla firefox ...even Opera is better than this.....But You can use this browser instead of Internet Explorer..