Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Google Chrome....Here I come

Google launched its so called Next generation browser,CHROME.No sooner it released i just downloaded the CHROME beta from,Though its a freeware,it cant be shared like Mozilla you need to be download it like Yahoo messenger(No set up file available).I just downloaded the Google chrome....I could download very soon and I checked memory space took by Chrome.Oh My God itz 47.6 MB ,To my knowledge Chrome needs more memory than all other browsers,Even the latest version of Mozilla Firefox took only 24.30MB which I feel the best among all till date.
The disadvantage of Mozilla is ,The browser window will open only after 1 or 1.5 seconds when you double click and open the Mozilla....technically its called latency time..Its very less in GoogleChrome.
The biggget merit i found in Google Chrome is no need to traverse file-->add new tab to open a
 new tab...instead we can just click + symbol ( shown in figure)we can open the new tab

The frequently visited sites can be seen  in thumbnail view and those sites are loaded very fast than other sites.

The are two types of Browsers in Google Chrome ..
1.Normal window
2.Incognito window which never stores caches or passowords,never tracks ur history....u can use this for internet banking etc...

The speed is greater than or equal to mozilla

The worst parts in  google chrome is you have specify the domain .com or .net...for eg. if u just type anna university in mozilla address bar the anna university  official website will be loaded....Itz the unique feature of Mozilla...but Itz not there in Chrome or any other browser...
The downloads are slow than mozilla.....
Yeah itz true the browser too is like orkut ....shows the same error message often.....But Chrome is not bad...i am using chrome instead of Internet Explorer

As a whole....Chrome is better than  Internet Explorer or Safari................but Not equivalent to my most favourite Mozilla firefox ...even Opera is better than this.....But You can use this browser instead of Internet Explorer..


Greatbear said...

Nice article da. But 1 correction. U can easily open a new tab in mozilla fire fox if u enable the always show tab bar option. Its available in Tools-> Options->Tabs. If u enable that u can open a new tab simply by double clicking in that tab bar space.

Its Me said...

Me Beginning to use Chrome now. HOpe its good as you say Amar ji.