Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chemical's ruin the beauty of Cuddalore

Yesterday I went to the city(according to me) of Cuddalore,where I lived,Studied,and born.I remembered the poet Kannadasan's saying ''Matram yenbathu Manida Thathuvum" which mean Change is the only thing that never changes,The Places which were considered as outskirts like Kumarapuram,where my school management runs a engineering has become the busiest placeand Thanks to cuddalore power company which intends to start 1320 MW imported coal power plant,but lots of critics trying to hinder the project ,ofcourse their concern must be issued,But that project is most needed at this bad powercut in state.There are other concerns which need to addressed ,Already Cuddalore Sipcot region has become one of the polluted region in world,My friend's dad is organising protest against these Chemical companies,he collected some samples of air and sent that to a testing centre at US,A shocking report came that it has carbon content about 45% which is quiet high.When there was a meeting and a rally of DMK in cuddalore Mrs.Kanimozhi visited the region and assured that she will take necessary steps.Lets hope for that as The influentional person in TN, She may take necessary steps.But nothing is certain. The water became contaminated in Thyagavalli region and also in pochimedu and the remaining places surrounding the places.Though we are developing industries we need a new technology and new ideas which will save our economy.


Michelle said...

If I live in the place where you are now, I think I'd be worried about the pollution and chemicals that might affect the residents health. I hope people in your place will do something about it. :)